Wingshooting Safaris in South Africa by Kotoko

Kotoko Wingshooting Safaris in South Africa

Nestled just outside of Bloemfontein is an idyllic spot where tranquillity, the great outdoors, luxurious accommodation and talor made hunting trips meet to create the perfect getaway.

Thanks to hard work, dedication, and a serious love of all things outdoors, what started as a taxidermy studio has blossomed into something much more - a phenomenal, All-inclusive hunting experience for both the local and international market just can't seem to get enough of. Talking about their creation, Pierre enthuses,  "We started the taxidermy side of things in 1999, but it's always been my dream to offer the whole spectrum. When our studio was up to the required standard, we decided that it was time to develop on the hunting front. I love that we are able to offer our clients a complete affords us such a feeling of satisfaction, and it really is more affordable for the client to get an all-in-one deal."

News of their service has spread as far afield as USA, Denmark and Hungary, with many of their clients returning year after year to repeat the experience. Fully accredited, Kotoko Hunting and Lodging specialises in bird hunting and planes game, creating each experience according to the individual's specifications.

"Each customer has his or her own expectations, so we make a point to find out what they would like before they arrive. That way the client gets to shoot what they came for, making for a special and unforgettable stay", Pierre tells.

With unrivalled views and surroundings, luxury accommodation, delectable meals, fully organised and accompanied shoots, a spectrum of taxidermy and tannery services and the export of trophies, the only time guests will have to lift a finger is when they pull the trigger.Over the past few months, they have also been offering a Forex service called Inter Africa. Showing us around the premises, Anel adds, " Because we have control over every aspect, it really allows us to go the extra mile and provide the best service possible. In the beginning, we used to have to make use of guesthouses in town, but the hunters really wanted to be out in the open where they could get the country feel - it was then that we realized this was the ideal spot for a lodge."

The rustically beautiful rooms allow hunters all the creature comforts and modcons without detracting from the overall experience. In addition, this charming venue aslo offers a number of other attractions, including a curio shop and tame Caracal and Civet cats. One is also afforded the opportunity to play with the familys adorable tame meerkat as well as baby caracals - a rare experience for those of us cooped up in the city.

Pierre and Anel have truly created a hunters paradise - one only needs to loot at the sun going down over their picturesque little slice of heaven to know why their clients just can't seem to stay away for long.

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Your Hosts Pierre and Anel Aucamp

Your Hosts Pierre and Anel Aucamp

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